Protests on the introduction of new domain zones

Since no claims were made specifically from GAC, and from individual states, a situation in which the per application lodged several protests from different countries, so. E., They were duplicated. It is important to perceive the situation: all submitted complaints can not be considered as an official protest GAC, but only as a preliminary procedure. If we take into account the fact that under the rules of the challenge from the GAC is not necessary to have the consent of all members of the Commission, the complaint filed will have to remain in force.

Most of the complaints came from Australia – 129. Application of Donuts, which is one of the largest on the market of new gTLD, received the largest number of protests. Their number has increased to 49 complaints.

Somewhat surprisingly absence of complaints on domain names associated with elements of pornography and sex. No state decided to file a complaint against them. May have a negative experience in an attempt to prevent the input domain .HHH. After the defeat of the government is not opposed to pornography and erotica on the level of the root zone. Is not expressed by any protest against the domain .GAY.

The largest number of complaints were collected DotConnectAfrica application domain .africa. Before applying for a domain that the company did not bother to get the support of governments in advance, resulting in the protest received from many African countries.

Under appeal were applications that are included in the list of restrictions on the registration of names of major public areas of the standard ICO 3166. At first glance, nothing stands out applications and .DELTA .CAPITAL were challenged by Nigeria and Australia on the basis of similarity to the Niger Delta and the Australian Capital Territory.

Western Samoa did not accept the domain WEBSITE. Served as the basis of protest national domain .WS, since it is an abbreviation of the word “website” and is open to the entire world community.

Australia has rejected a whole series of domains. This name with a hint of negativity – fail, wtf, gripe, sucks. Another reason that has been rejected even some group domain names is regulated industries and sectors – accountant, architect, attomey and so on. D. The next category, which is subject to a ban, it is those names that come to harm competition in any field and, ultimately, lead to monopolization. Example – application from Google domains named .blog and app.