The fate bestochechnogo domain

The company «Google» announced that the domain «.search», the application for which was filed earlier, will be transferred to the domain bestochechny «http: // search /». This information appeared in the portal «TechCrunch».

His desire to search engine outlined in a letter to the organization «ICANN», which is engaged in questions concerning the regulation of the Internet. «Google» noted that the domain will not be used for selfish and personal purposes. The Corporation has assured that all queries executed with the domain will be redirected to the convenient user search services. Reaction to the company «ICANN» on this statement remains unknown until now.

A year earlier, the company «ICANN» faulted bestochechnyh domains. According to «ICANN», these addresses are often out of reach for the majority of Internet users. On this account the views of prominent experts in the Internet industry significantly diverged. Most representatives agreed with the statement that “bestochechnye” domains often provoke the problem of access to e-mail SMTP-servers. In contrast to such beliefs on the forum «ICANN» keeps popping original slogans calling not invent absurd prohibitions.

The company «Google» already in 2012 received about 100 applications for registration of domain zones of the first level. Among them are well-known to most users address «.google», «.gmail», «.youtube», «.android». And besides «.lol», «.wow», «.love» and the like. In his letter to the company «ICANN» search engine promised to soon open and domains for other companies: «.cloud», «.blog» and «.app». This will happen immediately as soon google will be available to them right. Division «Charleston Road Registry» was specially created company «Google» for the management of public “bestochechnyh” domains in the future. It is this division write and send a letter.

Company «ICANN» in early 2012 began accepting applications for domain registration 1st level. The total number of proposals received about 2 thousand. Applications from five hundred companies from around the world. At the moment, «ICANN» busy consideration of the application and the choice of those “lucky” to be granted the right to own domain zone upper level. All information about the application is in the “open” access.

Recall actual to date design domain names include top-level domains, and the lower level. For lower-level domains, first of all, include: site name, or company name. Until now «ICANN» were not adopted modern innovative changes top-level domains are divided into:

– The standard, namely «.com», «.net.», «.org»;

– Regional domains, such as «.ru», «.ua», «.uk» (such domains are usually reserved for certain countries);

– Infrastructure, such concerns «.arpa».

Thus, thanks to the initiative shown by the international company «ICANN», a list of domain names Level 1 will be significantly expanded, that is already happening. Despite this fact, the company bestochechnye domains «ICANN» has not yet been classified. Organization until the company considers these domains as relevant and promising for a large number of users.